At Staten Island Center we provide multiple options to help you pay for your treatments. We recognize that special circumstances may exist, and that an extended course of physical therapy is a costly venture. We work closely with your insurance company to get the appropriate payment amounts on your behalf. Although all our patients are ultimately responsible for their bill, most use one or more of the options below to make sure you get access to the treatment you need.


Staten Island Center accepts most every insurance plan, medicare, PIP (No Fault), and Workman’s Compensation. We also accept cash or checks as methods of payment for co-pays and deductibles.


Insurance CardMost insurance plans or Medicare will cover a portion or all of your treatments.  We verify and authorize all patients insurance before they arrive for their first visit, and we provide them with a verbal review of their coverage for therapy, co-pays and deductibles at that time.

We then provide you with a letter verifying responsibility for payment after confirming your coverage benefits.
Your co-payment, if any, must be paid at each visit throughout the course of your treatment. If a deductible is part of your policy, then you will be billed any part of your treatment that was applied to your deductible.

If you were injured in a car accident we will bill your ANF insurance, and your health insurance plan, and this usually covers your visits completely. If there is a difference in the amount of the cost of your visits and what insurance will pay, Staten Island Center will work with the patient directly to get an amount that will be acceptable to both parties.

Feel free to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff with any questions you may have.

Whatever your situation, we want you to get the care you need to lead a normal, pain free life. If you are concerned about being able to afford the services offered at Staten Island Center, please let us know and we can help you make it work.